Steering a dog sled yourself through a snowy landscape – a winter dream that can come true! At husky camps, participants learn how to do it

Lead dog in front of the team - Husky rides have season in every season (Photo: Nature Trails)Lead dog in front of the team – Husky rides have season in every season (Photo: Nature Trails)

Rides with the husky

Sled dogs are also in summer season


Flying snow crystals, freezing cold, blue sky, and the steamy breathing of animals – husky tours in the snow are fun. But dog sledding is not a pure winter sport. Even when the flakes have melted and nature wears its green spring dress, the dogs keep their irrepressible urge to run and are ready for departures. “I have been offering workshops with my dogs for eight years. Since then, a large part has shifted into the summer”, says Anton Kuttner, who runs Husky workshops in Vorarlberg and is known as Husky Toni. Instead of deep snow, humans and animals then wander over lush mountain meadows, through forests and high valleys. Or drive with so-called Dogscooters on selected routes along the Rätikon mountain range in Vorarlberg (Austria).


Before the first trip, after learning how to get to know the dogs, the most basic skills are taught in the camp: introduction to the world of sled dogs, briefing on the most important commands, learning how to use the steering and turning technique, preparing and tying the animals. Then the most exciting part begins: Two huskies are hitched up in front of the dog scooter. That is a big scooter, which is used in train dog sport. Already, the ten to twelve kilometers long exit can begin – past mountain meadows, in the background the towering Alps. The workshop guests are thrilled to enjoy the ride. “The fact that huskies are so friendly and yet extremely powerful fascinates the participants again and again,” says Husky Toni. He smiles: “Anyone who has come to know the animals in winter, also likes to return in summer. Huskies season runs all year round. ”


Breather: rest on the summer meadow (Photo: Nature Trail)Breather: rest on the summer meadow (Photo: Nature Trail)

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