Good atmosphere in the “Cooking Workshop“ by Patrick Spies in the Romantik Hotel zum Stern. Here a participating couple talk about the special feeling of standing by the stove with an award-winning chef.

In his class, Patrick Spies also dispensed craftsmanship tips: How do you prepare a saddle of venison before cooking it? What is the easiest and most effective way to remove tendons? Here, the master chef was able to give the couple many useful tips on their way to their own home cooking. Everyone found the sociability and teamwork when cooking together to be especially pleasant. To look over each others‘ shoulders, to help out, to clink glasses of excellent wines – a pleasant, relaxed mood prevailed for the entire time.

The cooking class in the Stern kitchen – a very special evening for the couple, full of suggestions, with a wonderful teacher. The beauty of it: In addition, family and friends also profit from their new insights – when cooking later on and enjoying it at home.