The fascination of old-time automobiles – these classics are enchanting with their charm and elegant design.

I t is a love for all eternity. And a fascination that is also taking hold among more and more younger people. The joy of sitting in a classic car. Turn the ignition key, hear the engine murmuring, feel the vibration under the hood. Put the car in gear and roll away with the road beneath you. No cruise control, no distance sensor, no touchscreen display, no car body which was modeled in a wind tunnel. Instead you are driving a car the way it used to be done; even with a dash of adventure at rallies. There is competition for trophies and awards among kindred spirits, either using their own car or one lent by the classic car event organizer. Of course, everyone wants to get to their destination as quickly as possible, but first and foremost this is about discovering new routes, riding the curves over old mountain pass roads, discovering the landscape, enjoying the flair and sense of life behind a classic steering wheel. In Germany and neighboring countries alone, there are around 20 top-class rallies offered every month, such as the Alpen-Rodeo (Alps Rodeo, runs through Germany, Austria and Switzerland), the Bodensee-Klassik (Lake Constance Classic) or the Cabriolet Rally in the state of Saxony.

Vintage cars are funVintage cars are fun – as you can see from the enthusiastic drivers in the Jaguar XK (built in 1954). The oldie is followed by an Aston Martin DB (built in 1955).

To be recognized as a classic car, these gems must be at least 30 years old. And part of the fascination of these historical cars can be explained by this far-reaching past. „Anyone who sat in one of these vehicles as a child – wearing shorts, with the feel of the leather seats on their bare legs, the springs beneath them in the seat – only needs to get into a classic car and he or she immediately feels young again,“ says Belgian classic car expert Karina Billen, who also publishes the classic car magazine Icons of Elegance with her husband.

The beauty of the cars from back then: you do not have to compete with today‘s wonders of engineering and horsepower; they drive along in their own world. It‘s not about functionality, fuel economy or the multitude of electronic aids. It‘s about something totally different: enjoyment and wonderful memories. Of your first trips with the family, your first car of your own, your first southbound vacation trip with your partner. You get in and drive away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Anyone on the road in a classic car travels slowly and takes the time to discover the roads and landscapes, to get into conversations with people. These experiences and the feeling of freedom during such a trip are the true luxury of classic car driving. Who keeps thinking about heated seats, air conditioning or electric windows? „Classic cars are there for having fun,“ says Karina Billen and adds with a laugh: „And for adventure. After all, with these old cars, you never know whether you will really get there.“


Magic of the past Magic of the past – elegant leather, large steering wheel, classic fittings.