Driving through three countries in a classic car

There is much to discover on our tour of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Get in and enjoy exciting vacation days in the Romantik world. We'll advise you about which highlights await you along the classic car route.

The town in the Liège Ardennes is one of the oldest cities in Belgium and features impressive half-timbered and Late Medieval buildings. The historic Abbey of Stavelot, with its three museums and the marvelous abbey garden, is one of the not-to-be-missed excursion destinations along the route. The world-famous neighboring town of Spa invites you to explore the local thermal baths and be pampered by thermal water, saunas and massages. For horsepower enthusiasts, an outing to the race track of Spa-Francorchamps is worthwhile. Since the 1950s, Formula One races have been run on the seven-kilometer circuit. Michael Schumacher, the previous record holder, crossed the finish line as winner six times here. The German-Belgian nature park Hohes Venn offers nature in all its varieties. Just 20 kilometers away from the Romantik Hotel Le Val d’Amblève in Stavelot, moor landscapes, Stone Age caves and the ruins of Roman buildings are waiting to be discovered.

It is about 260 kilometers from Stavelot to Münster. The beautiful Old Town with its interesting churches and its diverse cultural offerings is only a few kilometers away from Romantik Hotel Hof zur Linde in Münster-Handorf. But there are also many attractions to discover in the immediate vicinity outside the city. The Baumberger Sandstone Museum is dedicated to the “marble of the Münsterland”, also the building stone for the Münster Cathedral. In Stadtlohn, near the Dutch border, a very special highlight awaits along the route – the Höing Old-timer and Young-timer Museum. In addition to miniature models, the classic cars from all major manufacturers exhibited on more than 2,200 square meters can make the hearts of car lovers beat faster.

It is just under 55 kilometers from Moers to Isselburg. Here, the Romantik Parkhotel Wasserburg Anhalt awaits you in the middle of a 42 hectare castle park. Close by is the so-called Anholt Schweiz (Anholt Switzerland) – a biotope wildlife park with a replica of Lake Lucerne. There is an impressive moated castle nearby – Schloss Moyland in Kalkar also includes a museum with exhibits from the 19th and 20th centuries, including many works by Joseph Beuys. Art lovers also get their money’s worth in Arnheim. The Kröller-Müller Museum has works by modern masters such as Monet, Picasso, Mondrian and van Gogh. The Dutch Hanseatic city of Zutphen, with its historic center, numerous monuments and fortifications, is perfect for taking a wonderful city stroll.

From Münster, the trip continues to Moers, about 100 kilometers away. On the Lower Rhine, a visit to Kloster Kamp is an absolute must. The former Cistercian abbey with its vaulted cellars and Rococo hall is just a few kilometers away from the Wellings Romantik Hotel zur Linde in Moers. A complete contrast awaits you at the Landschaftspark Nord (Landscape Park North). Industrial culture, nature and fascinating light spectacles are combined in a disused iron and steel mill. The Halde Norddeutschland offers a wonderful view of the Lower Rhine and the Ruhr region from an altitude of 102 meters. You reach the highest point of this artificial elevation via a panoramic pathway or a 359-level “sky stairway”.

It is about 100 kilometers from Isselburg to Herkenbosch in the Netherlands. Located directly by the national park, the Romantik Hotel Kasteel Daelenbroeck awaits you in Herkenbosch. The De Meinweg nature reserve, with its grasslands, heath and rare plant species, invites you to take bicycle tours, hikes and walks. For shopping fans, a trip to the largest designer outlet center in Europe is ideal: the “McArthurGlen” in Roermond is just a few kilometers away. Roermond itself has a historical city center and is located directly on the Maas lakes, which invite you for water sports and boat tours.