Daniel Rettig, a researcher of everyday life, explains what it is about old design that enchants us so much.

Daniel RettigWhere does the enthusiasm for the retro trend come from?
On the one hand, we have the feeling that time is passing by more and more quickly and the world is changing ever faster. The present seems hectic; the future uncertain –
the past is all the more appealing. On the other hand, people all tend to romanticize the past. We also project that feeling onto certain products: Some of them are simply linked to memories. As soon as we see, use, touch these products, the memory comes back.

Why do so many young people go for old design?
Because young people also have the feeling that the world is changing fast. Besides, you can use products from back then to make yourself stand out ironically in a certain way.

Is retro an escape from the present?
Escape yes, but always only temporary. You can indulge yourself in memories and still look forward to the future. You only have to be aware that the past doesn‘t come back again.

Why does riding retro bikes make so many people happy?
Since certain memories are associated with or become formed by products – with a time that seems more carefree in retrospect. As soon as we sit on a retro bike, the memories are back again and let us take a thoughtful journey into the past – and that makes you happy.