10 most beautiful things you should definitely do in Rome - some of them even for free

1 … watch the movie “La Grande Bellezza”

La Grande Bellezza© Medusa Film

Great pictures, beautiful women, bizarre types – if you want to get a taste of the decadent Rome, you should watch the movie “La Grande Bellezza” (“The Great Beauty”). It is a cinematic declaration of love to Rome and a type of human being that exists only in Rome. Irritating are the nocturnal rambles through the strangely empty metropolis.


2 … get out of the plane, into the city

Leonardo Express© Leonardo Express

It may not be one of the nicest things, but it is still necessary: ​​the transfer from the airport to the city. Most tourists land at Rome’s largest Leonardo da Vinci (FCO) airport in Rome-Fiumicino. This airport is located about 30 km outside the city center and is well connected to the train and bus network.

The fastest way to get into the city without traffic jams is the Leonardo Express. This will take you to Termini Central Station in about 35 minutes. The trains run every 30 minutes, at rush hour even every 15 minutes.


3 … watching talented street art artists

street art© graphitie

Around the Viale di Tor Marancia, the city, together with 20 talented artists from different countries, has launched a very special street art project: Big City Life! The social housing in this rather unfamiliar part of Rome, which was originally not particularly attractive, now shines brightly in colorful colors. Many of the pictures are real works of art, and the little walk through the courtyards and front gardens is really fun!


4 … dive into the underworld of Rome

Catacombs of Rome© Rometourist

Since it was forbidden by law in ancient Rome to bury the deceased in the housing estates, masses of underground, simply buried in the soil, niche graves for the burial of mainly poorer people were created – the catacombs. A tour of the Catacombs of Rome is exciting and informative. Those planning a visit to the Via Appia can combine this with a visit to the catacombs of San Sebastian, Domitilla and the Calixtus.


5 … go on a gourmet tour in the quarter Testaccio

gourmet tour in the quarter Testaccio© Rometourist

The namesake of the former working-class district and of tourists still undiscovered district is the Monte Testaccio, an artificial hill, which originated in antiquity as a shard dump for broken oil amphorae. Today you will find Rome’s best delicatessen and restaurants here. It is said that the cucina romana (Roman cuisine) was born here. It will give the best pizzas and the best pasta in Rome (try it yourself). Not to be missed is a visit to the market in Testaccio.




6 … get free admission to the Vatican Museums

Vatican Museums© Presspicture/Alain Bairal

The Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel are definitely among the highlights in Rome. The price for a regular ticket is pretty steep. Who wants to save (or must) goes on the last Sunday of each month between 9 and 12:30 clock. Then there is free admission. If you want to go to the Vatican Museums for free, you should arrive early, as this special offer is usually intended to attract many tourists, so the waiting time can be long.

If you do not want to queue for a long time, you can buy one of the numerous city passes offered by various providers. With the discount passes you get free and sometimes without queuing in many sights of the Italian capital.


7 … stroll on the Via Appia Antica

Via Appia Antica© Picabay

The “Ancient Road of Appius” is a single museum. Because along the road are countless tombs and historic buildings. This road was built in 312 BC and originally had a length of 195 kilometers from Rome to Capua. Today, the then important trade route is largely exempt from the city traffic. The Via Appia Antica is perfect for walking and cycling.


8 … explore the Tiber and its shores

Tiber and its shores© unsplash

According to legend, the twins Romulus and Remus were suspended on this river. Today, the beautiful avenues of giant old trees on both sides of the Tiber invite to a long walk with history. The route leads past the stadium of Farnesina, the National Museum, the Olympic Stadium, Piazza del Popolo, the Mausoleum of Augustus, Castel Sant’Angelo, Campo di fiori and the bustling, lively Trastevere district – more Rome is not.




9 … stroll through the market in Monti

Mercatomonti© InsideRome

Funky clothes, casual clothes, unique bags, vintage, jewelry: The “Mercatomonti” takes place every Saturday and Sunday in the Monti district. Who has a weakness for creative, must not miss this market! Somewhere a DJ puts on music, that makes a good mood, and even those who do not buy anything, can simply be inspired. After visiting the Mercatomonti, you can also take a walk through Monti, drink a cappuccino or eat something. And who is looking for culture after so much shopping – the Colosseum is just around the corner.


10 … visit the central park

Although Rome is not a designated “green” city, but has some beautiful parks.

Our favorite place: the Parco Centrale del Lago. A park on the lake, quiet and secluded, just the thing for a break from the noisy city. Between sightseeing and museum visits, the Parco Centrale del Lago is just the right balance. Tip: Rent a boat and sail across the lake.

Another advantage: You can get there easily because the park is connected to the rest of the Eternal City by several metro stations – EUR Fermi and EUR Palasport.

Parco Centrale del Lago© Picabay