Good atmosphere in the “Cooking Workshop“ by Patrick Spies in the Romantik Hotel zum Stern. Here a participating couple talk about the special feeling of standing by the stove with an award-winning chef.

Successfull workshop! Thomas Hahn (50) and Katharina Bolender (35).Successfull workshop! Thomas Hahn (50) and Katharina Bolender (35).

Tuna tartare and vitello tonnato, braised ox cheeks on fine-cut cabbage as the intermediate course, then sous-vide cooked saddle of venison with a very special sauce, and finally a warm chocolate cake: it whets the appetite already while reading about it. Especially when this deluxe menu is created under the guidance of an award-winning chef, as happens regularly in „Stern*s Kochwerkstatt“ at the Romantik Hotel Zum Stern in Bad Hersfeld. Top chef Patrick Spies offers a cooking class here, where even amateur cooks can feel like an award-winning restaurateur for once.

They include, for example, Thomas Hahn (50) and his wife Katharina Bolender (35) from Bad Hersfeld, who were given the cooking class by a friend for their wedding in July. „At the beginning, the participants were divided into small teams,“ as Thomas Hahn explains the process. His wife and he took care of the appetizers, the above-mentioned tartare and the wafer-thin slices of veal. All participants had previously received the appropriate recipe. „Patrick Spies and his co-workers have provided valuable tips and hints for all of the particular courses,“ according to Thomas Hahn.

The ingredients were supplied by the Romantik Hotel restaurant. And – in line with the class demands – they were first class: „It was really on an award-winning level,“ says Thomas Hahn. The ambitious leisure chef, who has already completed numerous classes, raves about the sauce, which was served with saddle of venison for the main course: „I could have drunk it!“ he laughs. The secret of this stellar taste experience lay in the addition of chocolate balls. „That gave the sauce a very special note.“

In his class, Patrick Spies also dispensed craftsmanship tips: How do you prepare a saddle of venison before cooking it? What is the easiest and most effective way to remove tendons? Here, the master chef was able to give the couple many useful tips on their way to their own home cooking. Everyone found the sociability and teamwork when cooking together to be especially pleasant. To look over each others‘ shoulders, to help out, to clink glasses of excellent wines – a pleasant, relaxed mood prevailed for the entire time.

The cooking class in the Stern kitchen – a very special evening for the couple, full of suggestions, with a wonderful teacher. The beauty of it: In addition, family and friends also profit from their new insights – when cooking later on and enjoying it at home.