Overdid it on your hike or while jogging? It is often painfully obvious the next day … But there is help! Here are some tips from the physio team at the Romantik Hotel Mühlbach in Bad Füssing

After intense strain, light training can help muscles regenerate. Stretches, aqua jogging or relaxed cycling are all well suited for active regeneration. Important: Only light training, otherwise symptoms may worsen.

Fascia trainingFascia training
With muscle soreness, the body’s collagen fibers are often affected – the fascia. Exercises with fascia rolls or balls loosen up fascial adhesion. Light stretches and bouncing or rolling movements are sufficient for regeneration.

A light massage can stimulate the healing of injured muscles – depending on your flexibility, you can massage your calves yourself. Professional lymph drainage or sport massages can also have a relaxing effect. Massages promote regeneration of the affected muscles and can reduce the risk of inflammation.

For the muscles to function, the body needs certain minerals. Minerals can be replenished by eating foods rich in magnesium or calcium. Good choices are bananas (high in magnesium and potassium) or green vegetables like kale or broccoli with their high calcium content.


Muscle soreness is caused by very small tears in the muscle, called microtrauma. A warm bath in curative thermal water can promote faster healing. This relaxes the muscle and helps it to regenerate through the special composition of the water (high sulfur content).


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