Everyone knows pineapple, lime or mint as a cocktail ingredient. This summer Lars Roxs (26), a passionate host & bartender, is focussing on kumquats.


his Asian citrus gives his cocktail a unique, summery touch. The bitterness of the kumquat, paired with its sweetness, reminiscent of tangerine, makes it the perfect ingredient for a refreshing summer drink. As a basis gin is ideal because, unlike other spirits, it is very light and versatile in its taste.

„Many guests say that they have seen the fruit before, but do not know exactly how to use it,“ says the cocktail connoisseur. The inspiration for his summer cocktail came from a one-year stay in China, home of the kumquat. So that not only his guests in Stavelot (Belgium) can enjoy this creation, the cocktail wizard has given us his recipe.